Total Baseball Training Academy is an elite youth baseball training program with the purpose of top-notch instruction and elite level of competition for serious baseball players ages 7-14.


All coaches in the Academy are professional coaches with vast playing and coaching experience. Training in the Academy is open to all players aged 7u – 14u. Recreation league players do not need to be on our travel teams in order to benefit and train in the Academy. 

Our training sessions are comprehensive and intense. Players may attend any and all sessions designated for their age group. Weekly schedule can be found on our Schedule page. Players must wear Total Baseball training attire to all sessions. 

Prospective players may attend one week of training for free to evaluate the Academy.  

Total Baseball Vipers travel teams are made up of elite baseball players that are committed to challenging themselves against elite competition locally, regionally and nationally.

Total Baseball Vipers teams (all ages based on 2020/2021 playing ages):






13u (7th graders)

14u (8th graders only)

Nationally Ranked Total Baseball Vipers Travel Teams (team selection/tryout is always open):

  • 2010-2011 National Champions

  • 2011-2012 National Champions

  • 2012-2013 Ranked #2 Nationally

  • 2013-2014 Ranked #5 Nationally

  • 2014-2015 Ranked #3 Nationally

  • 2015-2016 Ranked top five Nationally


SCOTT SWITALLA: Total Baseball Director, Director of Coaching for 9u-                                  12u and Vipers Manager for 10u Silver and 11u (Scott also                           serves as a Director of Baseball Operations for Sierra                               Canyon High School and is an Assistant Varsity                                       Basketball Coach at Sierra Canyon High School)

TOM MEUSBORN: Director of Coaching for 13u-14u and Vipers Manager for                          14u Navy and 14u Silver (Tom also serves as Associate                              Head Varsity Baseball Coach at Sierra Canyon High School)

ROCCO BARILE: Lead Coach TBTA and Vipers Manager for 12u Silver and 12u                       Black (Rocco also serves as an Assistant Coach at Sierra                           Canyon High School)

JOHN TOVEN: Lead Coach TBTA and Vipers Manager for 10u Navy (John also                     serves as an Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach at Sierra                             Canyon High School)

JERRY ISMERIO: Lead Coach TBTA and Vipers Manager for 8u and 9u (Jerry                          also serves as an Assistant Coach at Chatsworth High                              School)

SHAWN MEUSBORN: Director of Vipers High School Program and Vipers                                  Manager for 13u Navy and 12u Navy (Shawn also                                      serves as Varsity Pitching Coach at Sierra Canyon High                              School)

ANTHONY ARAGON: Lead Coach TBTA and Vipers Manager for 14u Black and                             13u Black (Anthony also serves as the Head Varsity                                   Baseball Coach at Heritage Christian High School)

ETHAN LAGESON: Director of Vipers Catching Clinics and Vipers Assistant                            Coach for 8u and 9u (Ethan also serves as an Assistant                            Baseball Coach for the Sierra Canyon Middle School)